The pros and cons of automated and manual trading



The technology of trading currencies has come a long way since the necessity of physically buying foreign currencies from your banker. The introduction of Forwards, Futures, Options, and various other derivatives have enabled investors to capture the opportunities in appreciating and depreciation currencies in a far more powerful way.

The introduction of internet technology has further increased the accessibility of currency trading to the masses with countless web platforms and virtual services. These countless forex trading mediums can be polarized into two main spectrums: Manual Trading and Automated Trading. Of course there is room in between these two spectrums for hybrid models which facilitates various degrees or elements of each methodology – Trade Genius Group for example is one of a few rising platforms that has made it to create a hybrid solution, is that your best choice as an investor? Let’s have a look at the different option.

The World is Flat

Perhaps the most phenomenal influence the internet has had on currency trading is the availability and rapidity of information affecting prices around the world. This has equipped traders around the world with live-time tools for technical and fundamental analysis. The instantaneity of influential information has caused the market to shift closer to strong efficiency from semi-strong efficiency. This has changed the so-called “rules” of price movement and analysis of prices.

How Profit is Achieved When Everyone has Relevant Information

In 2014, it is reasonable to say that prices reflect past historical as well as immediate information. Therefore price […]