Yes. If your platform runs on a Mac, so does the EA.

Yes. When you switch off the computer you also switch off the EA. To prevent this you can choose to use a VPS server.

If you trade 10 standard lots monthly, our partner broker offers the VPS service for free. In case you trade less our VPS providers will charge you a small monthly fee.

General questions about Forex Robots

No. An EA is used to improve your trading, not to make huge profits. We concentrate mostly on money management parameters instead of making money indicators. We strongly believe that robots help to improve trading, however robots have flaws too. That is why we at unitedforextraders are constantly working on adjusting parameters so that your robot funtions exactly the way you want.

Best is to test an EA in a live account. Not that there is a difference in a demo or live EA, but it depends on the servers which the broker uses. There can be a slight difference in data feed between a demo and a live server.

No. We have an exclusive partnership with Axitrader and Varianse for all the important reasons. Both brokers are FCA regulated, EA friendly and they offer competitive spreads and charge no deposit or withdrawal fees.

Robots that make money you can’t buy, simply because they don’t exist. Why would someone sell a successful algorithm if it makes great profits? Stop believing in miracles and be realistic. Robot trading is a lot  easier than manual trading but still needs management and attention.


For trading a forex robot or EA you need to first download the MT4 platform by just opening demo or a live account. For this you will need a laptop or a desktop computer, After this has been completed, we will help you installing the EA on your trading platform.

This depends on the EAs parameters, but mostly we recommend you to start from $3000.

Yes, you can switch an EA on or off at any given time. Also during volatile market sessions it can be wise to switch off your EA.

Yes. At any time you can contact our support desk who will help you to adjust the parameters in case you would prefer this.

We charge a 1 pip markup per round turn trade.

Broker and account opening

No. We have an exclusive partnership with Axitrader.

Yes, Axitrader is FCA regulated also ASIC regulated.

No. You can fund and withdraw without any costs.

After your account has been approved, you can login to the clients portal of Axitrader where you can select many funding methods.

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