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What are crypo currencies ?

What are Crypto currencies ?
Cryptocurrencies are an area of finance that are currently still shrouded in a bit of mystery despite becoming more and more widespread as times goes on. In order to help clarify what precisely cryptocurrencies are as well as help give you some information on how to start with crypto trading, we’ve put together this quick and easy article contained some useful information. We hope you find it helpful!

What are crypto currencies?

A Crypto currencycryptocurrency is, by definition, a virtual or digital currency that uses cryptography for security purposes to keep the information safe; this cryptographic security is critical for the success of cryptocurrencies, since it ensures that they cannot be counterfeited.

Additionally, a major defining factor of cryptocurrencies is how it is not issued pr maintained by any particular authority or governing body, and as such is not subject to the rulings and whims of any specific governments or businesses; theoretically, this makes cryptocurrencies immune to manipulation and tampering, thus making them more stable and secure. That being said, the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates a great deal, since the prices of various cryptocurrencies are based on supply and demand (which are not always consistent).

Another thing to take note of is that many cryptocurrencies utilize blockchains for transactions, to help keep accurate and tamper-proof ledgers of all transactions while also offering additional security (although it is worth mentioning that because cryptocurrencies are entirely virtual, they are technically still at risk for being hacked […]

Blitzbrokers – Forex Broker Price War Ahead

Forex Broker Price War Ahead



Low fees to help increase trading results

Investor appetite for forex (FX) has exploded in recent years, with daily trading volumes of more than $5
trillion. Forex popularity is driven by low interest rates, high stock prices and easy access. Many investors
end up opening an online forex trading account without really knowing about the fees, after all, currency
pairs are not traded on any exchange.
Forex trading involves exchanging one currency for another on the foreign exchange market and is not for
the faint of heart or the inexperienced. No investment is without risk, but forex tips the risk meter further
with its rapid trading pace and high leverage, which means investors can quickly lose more than their
initial investments. Of course, that traders can also profit at the same speed, which combined with
liquidity is what attracts investors to forex trading.
Choosing a forex broker, one should consider trading platforms, the number of currency pairs offered,
leverage, customer service and most of all, costs. However, comparing costs is not easy in forex trading.
Some brokers charge a commission, many advertise zero commissions, earning money in the spread —
the difference between the price a broker is paying for the currency (the bid) and the price at which a
broker is selling a currency (the ask). Brokers essentially roll their fees into that spread, widening it
making their profit.
Blitzbrokers Ltd, founded in London in 2016 aims to for the lowest pricing in forex trading. They offer a full
range of products, the popular […]

Longbow – undisputed one of the best strategies in 2017

Longbow  – multiple algorithms to create an ultimate strategy

Sometimes you see a strategy in action and you simply feel it’s a good forex robot. Question is: how can you know this besides the LIVE RESULTS on myfxbook that show over 120% profits in just one year.

It always start with the developer, is he a gold digger or is he a trader trying to preserve capital and let it grow slow and consistent. Not only we found a dedicated trader who decided many years ago to automate his trading, but more importantly, this software is full with sophisticated entries, exits and money management features. We believe this Strategy can compete with any investment fund out there and after thoroughly tested it, we now offer it in our strategy shop.

The Longbow can be titled as a price action system. This strategy detects price movements and finds entries when these movements are strong. Each trade comes with a stop loss and take profit level. All currency pairs can be used with this algorithm. All trades have stop loss and the strategy also uses trailing stops in case trends tend to stay strong.  Preservation of capital is the priority of this forex strategy.

How much do I need for this strategy?

The minimum account size is $3,000.

In case you have questions about this strategy, please contact us.




Source: www.iforexrobot.com

NoHedge, a combination of forex robot trading with human insights

NoHedge EA is the best of two worlds

Where many traders often wonder weather to choose an Expert Advisor, a signal or just trade manually, well the NoHedge EA has all of that!

Using the D1 chart settings this forex strategy does not trade very often, however aims for 100 – 300 pips per trade. So in case you want to patiently wait for good entries, this is the strategy you are looking for. Since the algorithm is too complicated to program in MQL4, it works with signals  The developer has been trying to make it a fully automated system, but dropped it after noticing the algorithm could not be coded. For many of the traders using this strategy, it is a feeling of relief, knowing that it always uses stop loss levels and profit targets and definitely improves your night sleep.

So how does this stratey work ?

This strategy tries to pick up trades when the trend is reversing. Once this happens it builds up the position where it handles market corrections. Lot size is 0.01 per $1K account size. All signals are either stop sell or stop buy orders so you will have enough time to enter it in your own MT4 platform. Once the positions becomes in the profit zone, it attempts to lock the profit using trailing stops.  Don’t expect many trades.

What about money management?

This strategy uses standard risk settings which includes features like: stop loss, take profit, trailing stop. It uses by default lot sizes of […]

Robots are killing off Wall Street’s traders

Robots are killing off Wall Street’s traders

Computers have taken over the majority of trading on Wall Street and are threatening the very nature of the trading profession. Laura French asks whether traditional traders are fighting a losing battle.

Throughout most of the 20th century, robot traders would have been a mere figment of the (sci-fi film-influenced) imagination. But now they’re used by over 80 percent of trade markets, including the majority of investment banks and other big institutions, with retail trading remaining one of the only sectors still reliant on human brains. In short, the conventional trader depicted in clichéd Hollywood movies has almost completely died out, and with it the elements of risk-taking and intuition that defined the industry for hundreds of years.

Attempts at automated trading aren’t new – the Black-Scholes formula, taken up by traders when it was revealed in 1973, is proof enough that traders have long been trying to predict share prices in the most accurate and profit-reaping way possible. But computerised traders have taken it to the next level.

With these robot traders you’d expect the element of corrupt trades and dodgy dealings to disappear, but a lack of transparency continues to plague the high-frequency trading (HFT) industry, and the speed at which computers operate makes tracking individual trades nigh-on impossible without an audit trail.

Rise of the machines
Eric Hunsader from US data firm Nanex believes robot traders fiddle the market, ordering then cancelling trades just before the critical buying moment. “If the regulator fully […]

What are the benefits of using a VPS server for robot trading?

Trading is a business that takes much time, study and a great control of your emotions. All this can be ruled out with the use of an automatic trading system. But what exactly is a software for automatic trading?

Well, an automated trading software is nothing other than an application by which people can invest in financial markets with simplicity and without any engagement. The opening, management and closing of the operation are fully managed automatically. The investor, with this tool, can completely exclude the emotional factor, and the time required to observe the markets.

An automated trading system has huge advantages, but requires some precautions, such as finding ways to operate the software without any interruptions that may result in a loss of money. The solution can be the Forex VPS (Virtual Private Server), a virtual PC positioned within a company’s server, that can safely and perfectly operate 24/24, 365 days a year.

Especially your PC is not set for the trading like a Forex VPS, with a 250mbs connection, autologin in case of reboots – feature that allows you to automatically open the MetaTrader 4 with your Expert Advisor – and the ability to access it from any device, even when you’re out.

Thanks to a VPS server, the automated trading system can operate continuously without any physical presence and with the ability to turn off your PC or use it to handle other tasks.

What are the benefits of using a VPS server […]

Rebate Account

Highest Rebates Ever

It’s official, Unitedforextraders offers the highest rebates in the forex industry – $4 per lot traded, no matter what! When you open an account with our partner broker Axitrader they will pay us a rebate for each trade you make. Because we get volume discounts we are able to pay you this high rebate. Your trading conditions such as spreads, fees, leverage or platforms are exactly the same as if you would have opened an account with Axitrader directly. So the money you save is in fact your first profit!

How it works:

– Just open a standard or pro account with Axitrader

– After your account has been approved you will automatically receive $4 per lot traded

– At the end of each month your earned rebates will be credited automatically into your trading account.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

The pros and cons of automated and manual trading



The technology of trading currencies has come a long way since the necessity of physically buying foreign currencies from your banker. The introduction of Forwards, Futures, Options, and various other derivatives have enabled investors to capture the opportunities in appreciating and depreciation currencies in a far more powerful way.

The introduction of internet technology has further increased the accessibility of currency trading to the masses with countless web platforms and virtual services. These countless forex trading mediums can be polarized into two main spectrums: Manual Trading and Automated Trading. Of course there is room in between these two spectrums for hybrid models which facilitates various degrees or elements of each methodology – Trade Genius Group for example is one of a few rising platforms that has made it to create a hybrid solution, is that your best choice as an investor? Let’s have a look at the different option.

The World is Flat

Perhaps the most phenomenal influence the internet has had on currency trading is the availability and rapidity of information affecting prices around the world. This has equipped traders around the world with live-time tools for technical and fundamental analysis. The instantaneity of influential information has caused the market to shift closer to strong efficiency from semi-strong efficiency. This has changed the so-called “rules” of price movement and analysis of prices.

How Profit is Achieved When Everyone has Relevant Information

In 2014, it is reasonable to say that prices reflect past historical as well as immediate information. Therefore price […]